A Sticky Situation …

By now you know that we provide o-rings and precision-molded rubber parts, but did you know you can count on us to help solve product performance challenges.

For instance, here’s an example of one customer’s unique design challenge …

This client approached us because their customers were complaining about the loss of employee productivity due to leaks from their beverage dispensers.  The leaks were literally causing sticky situations resulting in significant time spent on clean-up.

They identified the root cause as a poorly performing rubber rotary shaft seal and requested help resolving the problem.

The original design used a spring-loaded single lip seal made of viton.

After reviewing the application, we knew that the end user’s syrupy fluid required a more substantial barrier than a single lip seal could provide.  A closer look showed that the viton material of the original design was scoring the stainless steel shaft worsening the leak.

Sticky Situation Solution: We supplied a “springless” custom reversed dual lip seal manufactured in a nitrile compound.  Not only did it provide a sufficient seal for the application, but it also eliminated the scoring of the stainless steel shaft.  Sticky Situation solved!